The only thing that keeps you safe now depends exclusively on you.

PROJECT: L1L1-3S is a little game created in exactly three days. 

How long will you be able to keep the NUCLEUS alive? Fight against your enemies and collect resources to stay alive!


  • WASD Keys: Move your character
  • Left Click: Attack - Double click to slash upwards!
  • F Key: Collect enemy parts
  • Q Key: Use collected enemy parts to fix the NUCLEUS.
  • E Key: - It allows you to heal 533-K0 only if you are close to the NUCLEUS.

Listen to the soundtrack here!

 Part of Torneo GJA/Rushing2600






Game Jam Version 26 MB


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Sarpado muchachooos! Desde el menu cuando tocas ESC, los gráficos, el sonido, la muusicaaa, excelente laburo. De jam en jam dan pasos gigantes. Se nota que van aceitando el trabajo en equipo. Sigan asi!

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I adore the art style with it's sharp lineart! It's a really fun game and I'll certainly play it again. However, tho I figured out how to hit, heal and move after hitting the usual game control buttons (arrow keys, W A S D, space) I couldn't figure out how to pick stuff up. I would have liked some instructions on how to play in game. The keys that indicated how to repair the robot or how to heal were good, but I would have appreciated if there was one for picking up the lilies.

I checked the game page only later to realize what the controls were, but I really would have like to know them in game...

Also it took me two tries and not understanding why I couldn't hit the robots, to realize that you could also move up and down and there was spacial awareness. Great game tho! I highly recommend it!

Glad to hear you liked it! We thought about adding a control screen in-game, but we were running short in time and had to prioritize removing bugs (like enemies not spawning for some weird reason I am still not sure why, and so idk if I really fixed it or not), but we will most likely add one in the future